I will tell you about Wi-Fi Easymesh program and different between mesh Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi extenders.

As seen in the figure, it is a certification program to obtain the uninterrupted wifi with Access Points(AP) placed at different locations in the home or office.

To better the understand the Wi-Fİ Easymesh program, first of all, What is mesh Wi-Fi? and Why is it used instead of Wi-Fi extenders?

First, I start with Wi-Fi extenders.

Wi-Fi extenders create their own Wi-Fi network with their own SSID so you would have to connect to the Wi-Fi router or the Wi-Fi extender.

Network depending on where you are in the home so if you’re closer to the router then you would connect the router or if you’re closer to the extender then you would connect to the extender, so this is can be little extra work.

Let’s talk about mesh Wi-Fi.

A mesh Wi-Fi system is, Wi-Fi points that are placed in different locations inside a home and it provides a blanked of wifi coverage all throughout the home, so it does a good job of eliminating weak Wi-Fi signals or dead spots in the home or office.

Feature of mesh Wi-Fi systems is that the Wi-Fi points communicate with each other wirelessly to create one large Wi-Fi networks. So there are no cables involved when the Wi-Fi points are communicating with each other which makes the placement of the Wi-Fi points that much easier.

For example, if you want to set up a mesh Wi-Fi system in your home, you would have a modem and connect one of the mesh Wi-Fi points and then you would place other Wi-Fi points in different locations of your home. When these processes are done, the Wi-Fi points would talk to each other and uninterrupted internet network would be created in your home.

Mesh Wi-Fi creates a single network with a single SSID. When you go to different locations in your home with the laptop, your laptop would always be connected to the nearest Wi-Fi point, thus eliminating the problem of manually connecting to the Wi-Fi points.

If you open up a Wi-Fi analyzing app, you would notice that your mesh Wi-Fi network is actually transmitting separate Wi-Fi networks one for each unit that you have set up.

However, a mesh Wi-Fi network still acts as a single network, so your devices will switch between mesh units automatically.

Let’s talk about an important term for Wi-Fi Easymesh: Multi-AP

What is Multi-AP?

EasyMesh certification can be granted to technology that supports the Multi-AP specification.

The Multi-AP specification standardizes basic functionality for interaction between several access points.

The specification defines a Multi-AP network as consisting of one controller and one or more agents managed by this controller.

The same device can contain both functions or act only as a controller or only as an agent.

In practice, this means that the specification requires that all communication goes through one controller. This is often called a tree topology.

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